A three-century
family history

There are families that are destined for meeting,
joining and leaving a mark in
the history of a territory. This is what happened to
the Ferrari and Perini families,
who met for the first time in 1882 and,
from then on, they wrote together the history of the Italian and Piacenza wine and later they founded the group Cantine 4 Valli,
of which Borgofulvia is part.

Dedicated for the ones
u love spending time together



Borgofulvia makes wine from the best grapes of the best Italian vineyards: our wines reveal the excellence of the territory, containing in a glass all the beauty of the Italian lifestyle. From a party with friends to a business dinner, from a romantic wedding to a classy event: on every special occasion Borgofulvia is present.

Quality without
any compromises

We select the best grapes of the Italian
territory and we make wine from them
in our factory of Montale, in Piacenza:
each moment of the production contributes
to maintain all the sensory characteristics
of the grapes, from the vineyard to the table.

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